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A Path of Resistance: Jean Dubofsky

Dubofsky’s path wasn’t without resistance. Among many professional hurdles upon her graduation, she had to endure “Ladies' Day” at Harvard.

Web Designer Loses First Amendment Challenge Over Same-Sex Wedding Sites

A Denver-area web designer lost her challenge to Colorado’s anti-discrimination law earlier this week when the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals concluded she could be forced to provide services for same-sex weddings or couples despite her religious objections.

The Passing and Repeal of Colorado Amendment 2

Romer v. Evans set a precedent for the protection of LGBT rights and even led to the overruling of Bowers v. Hardwick.

Passport Gender Identification Lawsuit Moves to 10th Circuit

The case challenging the U.S. Department of State’s refusal to issue a passport with a gender-neutral marker is moving on to the 10th Circuit...