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Court Opinions: Colorado Supreme Court Opinions for May 20

The Colorado Supreme Court found a ski resort couldn’t absolve itself of liability in a ski lift accident negligence per se claim.

Court Opinions: Colorado Supreme Court Opinions for May 6

The Colorado Supreme Court affirmed in part and reversed in part a lower court’s decision involving DU’s Office of Equal Opportunity Procedures.

Court Opinion: Colorado Supreme Court Opinion for April 15

The state Supreme Court found a jury should’ve been allowed to consider an initial refusal for a blood test and a later recantation in a DUI trial.

Court Opinions: Colorado Supreme Court Opinions for April 8

The Colorado Supreme Court reversed lower court judgments in two cases. One was a first-degree murder case and dealt with Miranda rights.

Colorado voters will decide if first-degree murder defendants should be denied right to bail

Colorado lawmakers approved legislation that will send a question to voters asking if people charged with first-degree murder should be denied bail “when proof is evident or presumption is great” that the person will be found guilty. 

Foley Hoag, Sherman & Howard, CP2 Add Attorneys

Foley Hoag, Sherman & Howard and Coan, Payton & Payne added new attorneys and more.

Court Opinions: Colorado Supreme Court Opinions for March 25

The Colorado Supreme Court issued multiple rulings including in a case involving Colorado Rules for Magistrates and one about an AIP in a public school.

Colorado Supreme Court Holds Alleged Violations of Colorado Fair Housing Act May be Asserted as Affirmative Defense in Residential Evictions

Spencer Fane partner Jacob Hollars explains a recent Colorado Supreme Court decision in Miller v. Amos, focusing on the Colorado Fair Housing Act.