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Charles Luce

It’s Open Season on Soliciting Business Owners

An extraordinary thing happened to the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct six months before everyone was ordered home to their COVID-19 bunkers: the prohibition on soliciting potential business clients was virtually abolished.

Midyear Updates for Colorado’s Workplaces

As summer 2021 comes to a close, there have been a number of compliance-related updates — even beyond COVID-19-related changes — to Colorado’s employment laws that employers across industries should be aware of.

Supreme Court Expands Private Property Rights Against Government Regulation

In a victory for private property owners, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that a California law requiring agricultural landowners to give union organizers temporary access to their property was a government taking that automatically entitled the landowners to compensation.

District Court Denies Plaintiff of Colorado’s Equal Pay Law

Last week, the district court denied a plaintiff's Equal Pay Law request in Rocky Mountain Association of Recruiters v. Moss.
Jaycey DeHoyos

Appeal Permanent Orders or Move to Modify Parenting? Recent Legislation Says You Can Do...

Colorado lawmakers overturned a state Supreme Court decision — now district courts retain continuous jurisdiction to hear motions to modify. 

How to Succeed at Co-Parenting in a Pandemic and Beyond

Co-parenting in a pandemic introduces a host of new questions. From vaccines to quarantines, here's one attorney's best advice.
Sarah Mercer, Mike Feeley, Melissa Kuipers Blake, Doug Friednash, Jia Meeks

Key Takeaways from the 2021 Legislative Session

The 2021 Colorado legislative session has ended. Here is a summary of several of the most high-profile pieces of legislation this session.
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The Future of Marijuana Taxation: The MORE Act Could Mean More Complications for the...

While cannabis legalization is old news in Colorado, changes at the federal level will have a material impact on Colorado businesses.
Moye White attorney Caleena Braig

Opinion: Keep an Eye Out, Employers: The Colorado Legislature Proposed Changes to Colorado Anti-Discrimination...

A Senate committee heard the Protecting Opportunities and Workers’ Rights Act, which would impose widespread changes to the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act.

General Assembly Must Stop Interfering with State’s Judiciary

Senate Bill 62 forces judges by statute to discriminate against criminal defendants for purposes of bail.