Corporate Counsel Insight

What the POWR Act Means for Colorado Employers

The POWR Act was signed into law this week and will impact workplace discrimination claims, employer obligations and more.

U.S. Supreme Court Finds State Tort Claim Not Blocked by NLRA

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled NLRA doesn’t bar a concrete company’s lawsuit for damages incurred during a union walk off.

Employee Labor Law Claims Are on the Rise, Lawyers Predict They’ll Stay That Way

The rise in employee labor law complaints is part of a trend local attorneys have seen in Colorado and across the country.

NLRB Signals New Push to Overturn Precedents

Jennifer Abruzzo listed 15 cases and issues for mandatory submission from the National Labor Relations Board’s offices.

Final Version of Colorado Privacy Act Published

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office has published its final rules for the Colorado Privacy Act, effective July 1.

As AI and Algorithms Grow, So Do Employment Law Questions

Law Week Colorado caught up with local attorneys to learn more about the questions springing up from the use of AI and algorithms in work.

End-of-Year NLRB Rulings Could Have Big Impacts

The National Labor Relations Board last week issued several rulings that could have major impacts on labor disputes and unionization.
Someone cutting green vegetables on a white cutting board. Cut up mushrooms and meat can also be seen.

New Laws Impact Local Restaurants

As COVID-19 cases continue to stay relatively low, Colorado restaurants still face concerns including rising wages and staffing.
A large open office space. The foreground has a tan, leather sectional couch with throw pillows. In the back, a small kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a sleek white island with leather chairs. Curved lighting is embedded in the ceiling.

Lathrop GPM’s New Denver Office is Embracing the Future of Work

The future of workplaces is changing, and Lathrop GPM’s new Denver office seeks to meet new employee needs and wants.

New Colorado Law Has Major Impact on Debt Collections and Hospital Bills

A new law recently passed by the Colorado General Assembly is having a major impact on how hospitals collect patient bills.