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A Brief History of Monopolies in Colorado

Gaps in federal and state monopoly laws alike have led to a variety of local statutes addressing shortfalls since the late 1800s.

A Path of Resistance: Jean Dubofsky

Dubofsky’s path wasn’t without resistance. Among many professional hurdles upon her graduation, she had to endure “Ladies' Day” at Harvard.

He Went by John

Among a list of more than 160 people, 15-year-old Preston “John” Porter Jr. was lynched on the outskirts of Limon, Colorado in November 1900 in one of the most horrific lynchings in U.S. history.

A Brief History of State Employee Ethics

The 40-year history of state employee ethics in Colorado culminated in the founding of the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission in 2006.
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1991 Grand Junction Pipe Bomber Seeking New Trial

Earlier this year, James Genrich returned to court to argue his guilty verdict should be overturned and that he should get a new trial.
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All’s Fair in Friendship and Real Estate: People v. Clark

The Colorado Supreme Court’s 1979 opinion in Page v. Clark has been referenced in similar cases more than 360 times.
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Twelve Tribes Investigated For Marshall Fire

Twelve Tribes is under investigation for the Marshall Fire and over the last three months, former members have spoken with news outlets about their experience in the group.
Mary Lathrop

The Trailblazer Behind the Trailblazer Award

There aren’t many Colorado lawyers who haven’t heard of Mary Lathrop — her legal career paved the way for thousands of women to follow in the profession.
Antoinette Parks, Madeleine Furey-Livaudais, Gwendolyn Harris and Debra Corr

DNA Match Leads to Possible 2022 ID of Colorado Serial Killer

Denver Police announced a genetic identification of someone they believe may be the killer in four cold cases.

Discriminatory Juror Strike Reverses a 1997 Attempted Murder Conviction

A February state Supreme Court ruling that a juror was dismissed for improper reasons sent a 1997 rape and attempted murder case back to trial.