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A hiker looks down at a Coors beer can.

Adolph Coors’ Failed Kidnapping That Led to Murder

While Coors Brewing Company went through a boycott for alleged civil rights violations, just six years later, the murder of Coors in 1960 devastated the family for the nine months they awaited justice.
Bright yellow crime scene tape is in focus with a dark, murky background

Nearly 20 Years Later, Denver Murder Case Gets Fresh Eyes

Hal Hebert has been appealing his murder conviction and life sentence for decades. In addition to challenging a trial witness who was later convicted of serial murders, Hebert asserts his counsel was ineffective.
A icy and dark road flanked by tall trees.

Detective’s Son Sentenced to Death in 1995 for Rape and Murder; Verdict Later Overturned...

Convicted murderer, Robert Harlan, was originally sentenced to death but the state Supreme Court overturned the sentence after reports of juror misconduct.
Gary Hart

The Colorado Lawyer and Senator Who Ran For President Twice

Many lawyers also serve in the political sphere but Gary Hart boasted two back-to-back presidential bids before he returned to practice
A picturesque lake lit by a bright, sunny day

Lake County War Claims the Life of a Probate Judge in Court in 1874

After an 1874 water rights dispute led to murder, vigilantes assassinated probate Judge Elias Dyer in a swift show of mob justice in a Granite courtroom.
Dick Lamm

Former Colorado Governor and Attorney Dick Lamm Dies at 85

While Dick Lamm contributed to several enduring laws, his political career remains in a controversial shadow.
CORE demonstrators gather to protest racist attacks in Birmingham, Alabama.

‘Freedom Riders’ Lead the Way Toward Equal Rights Movement in Colorado

CORE’s 1943 Colorado demonstration was one of the first successful protests for the group in the region but it wasn’t until larger court cases like Keyes v. School District 1 that real changes to state laws began happening.
Robert Charles Browne

‘The Devil’s Right-Hand Man’ and Self-Professed Colorado Serial Killer

While Browne’s already serving a life sentence for one murder, investigators remain fascinated by his motivations and claims to have killed more.
Luis Archuleta, left, and Daril Cinquanta, right.

2020 Arrest Made for ‘Cop Shooter’ and Two-time Prison Escapee Luis Archuleta

Luis Archleta, also known as Larry Pusateri and Ramon Montoya, was detained one year ago for escaping from a Colorado prison in 1974.
A protestor holds a sign high that reads "equal rights."

Colorado’s First Steps Toward Equality, a Continuing Effort

The CRA joined several other civil rights laws on the books, but the state made little progress toward equality until the 1960s and '70s.