in a black and white photo, Pat Schroeder is smiling widely. She’s got short, dark hair and it looks like she may be wearing a tan or light-colored blazer.

‘A Woman’s Place is in the House’: The Legislative Legacy of Rep. Pat Schroeder

Pat Schroeder, who died this week at age 82, was known for her sharp wit and fierce advocacy for equal rights, health care and family leave.
Gardner Paul Smith is smiling and holding a ski trophy and gloves while wearing a striped sweater with a collared white shirt underneath. The photo looks very old.

Remains Dating Back 50 Years Found in Lake County Identified

Using genetic genealogy and other investigative tools, CBI said remains found in 1970 have been identified as Gardner Paul Smith.
a stack of newspapers are pushed upright so you can see “world business” on the top right of one page

1983 Colorado Tribal Libel Lawsuit Dropped Based on 1982 Libel Case

In 1983, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s council members decided to drop a $1.5 million libel lawsuit based on the outcome of another case.
crime scene tape looks bright against a darkened street

Charges Filed in 1996 Denver Cold Case

The Denver District Attorney’s Office announced Feb. 24 a cold case arrest was made in the 1996 murder of Terri Turachak.
a gavel sits on a desk in low light

What is the Child Sexual Abuse Accountability Act?

Early last year, a Colorado woman used a new state law to sue over an alleged sexual assault committed in 1977 – but what’s in the new law?

John Gunnell’s Legislative Legacy

In 1881, John Gunnell became the first Black state lawmaker. The Denver Republican faced intense opposition and racism while he served in the House.
Mountains tower over San Juan County in Colorado, a blue sky above is dotted with light clouds

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Turns 175

At the 175th anniversary of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Law Week takes a look back at the agreement’s impacts on both Mexico and the U.S.
a laboratory technician is in the process of pipetting a sample of vitamin E acetate.

Dottie Wham, a Brief History of Public Health Reporting

Among other accomplishments, Wham was credited in a state Senate joint memorial for creating Colorado’s statewide trauma system.
Dawn DeHerrera

Dawn DeHerrera’s Cold Case, Disparities in Missing and Murdered Indigenous Reporting

Dawn DeHerrera’s case may show some of the unclear reporting in the criminal justice system lawmakers are attempting to remedy.
Casimiro Barela sits for a photo in roughly 1910. He has a fashionable suit, vest and tie on and an impressive mustache. His hair is short and neatly combed and it looks like he may be smiling slightly.

A Brief History of Colorado Sen. Casimiro Barela

Casimiro Barela was one of the drafters of the Colorado Constitution and he suggested writing it in three languages.