Karl Cortlandt Schuyler

‘Intensely Human’: a Colorado Attorney and U.S. Senator’s Untimely Death

Colorado attorney and U.S. Sen. Karl Cortlandt Schuyler was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver in New York City in 1933.
A statue of FDR sitting on a bench outside of the WWII museum.

The Deal With the New Deal in Colorado

The New Deal was designed to stabilize the economy during the Great Depression but what did it mean for Colorado?

What is the Master Settlement Agreement?

What’s in the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement with tobacco companies and what does it mean for Colorado?
a Denver RTD bus drives toward a rainy intersection

The ADA, the Long Road to Disability Discrimination Protection

The long road to the ADA started in Denver in 1978 with 19 protestors gathered in front of various city buses, causing a 24-hour long traffic jam.
a Denver lightrail train picks up passengers at the California Street stop

1920 Denver Street Car Riot Ends in Two Deaths, Partial Destruction of a Denver...

In 1920, a deadly strike hit Denver in what one local paper described at the time as “one of the worst riots in the city’s history.”
Donald Graham and Donald Stubbs sit together at a Denver Bar Association event in 1991

Donald Graham’s Early Legal Career Recounted

To DGS partner Donald Graham, all his significant accomplishments seemed to be secondary to his love of the law and his wife, Lucile.
two coffee cups on a table

The Origin of the Paid Coffee Break

A 1956 Denver court case paved the way for paid coffee breaks when the 10th Circuit ruled mandatory breaks were too short to allow personal time.
crime scene tape

The Schank Family Murders

The Schank family murder was called “the cruelest series of murders ever committed in Weld County,” according to the Greeley Tribune.
alfred arraj

Alfred Arraj’s Long-Lasting Impacts on the District Court

Alfred Arraj implemented innovative court administrative procedures that made the district court one of the most efficient courts in the nation.

Department of the Interior Releases Investigative Report into Indigenous Boarding Schools

A federal report released May 11 detailed policies, conditions and practices of Indigenous boarding schools in the U.S.