a 1980s camera sits on old wood planks

1985 Ruling Allowed Camera and Electronic Coverage in Courts

In 1985, the Colorado Supreme Court officially sanctioned camera and electronic coverage in courtrooms, but modern media coverage is still spotty.
Frank Steunenberg

Former Idaho Governor and Cripple Creek Mine Owner Assassinated Following Colorado Labor Wars

Frank Steunenberg, the owner of the Cripple Creek Mine, was assassinated by dynamite in 1905 shortly after the conclusion of the Colorado Labor Wars.
the Denver Mint

The ‘Wildest Gun Battle in Denver History’ Was Also the First Successful Mint Holdup...

The Denver Mint’s 1922 robbery was the “wildest gun battle in Denver history” and the first successful Mint Holdup.

1994 Denver Cold Case Gets 2021 Arrest

The Denver DA in June announced it charged Steven Cumberbatch with the murder of Rita Desjardine, a breakthrough on a 1994 cold case.

The Most Recent Republican Governor of Colorado

The most recent Republican governor was former Gov. Bill Owens, who may be best known for winning his 2002 reelection by the largest majority in state history.
Akram Bada’an

1988 Denver Cold Case Victim Gets ID Through Genetic Genealogy

In a three-decades-old cold case, DNA helped investigators trace Akram Bada’an’s family to Israel and get a positive ID, an important step in the resolution process for cold cases.
An old stethoscope rests on a leather med kit on clean white sheets.

Colorado’s Lukewarm Reaction to the 1921 Sheppard-Towner Act

Congress passed the Sheppard-Towner Act in 1921 to provide federal funding for maternity and child care, but the Act wasn’t renewed past 1929 and state compliance was inconsistent.
A National Guard Sgt. looks out of a helicopter window intently.

Balloon Boy Family Pardoned

Colorado Army National Guard Staff Sgt. Bryan Scott and Sgt. Nick Cornelius searched for Falcon Heene in the sky for more than an hour before the balloon landed without the lost boy inside.
Kathy Arnold

Barrel Racer, Legislator, ‘Hootenanny’ Enthusiast: Kathy Arnold’s Legacy

Kathy Arnold accomplished a lot in her time in the legislature, becoming the first woman chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and sponsoring bills to improve the lives of children in the state.
A 1990s laptop sits open on a plain white desk.

Trade Secret Loophole in 1992 Led to Nearly a Decade of Legal Woes

In the early 1990s, copyright laws didn’t accommodate computer software protections. A gap in case law left Gates Rubber Co. in a challenging legal position for more than six years.