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Scrabble tiles spell the words live well

CAMP Set to Release Report on Possible Statewide Lawyer Well-Being Program

Twenty-seven organizations joined the pilot Lawyer Well-Being Recognition Program for Legal Employers from the Colorado Supreme Court.
An illustration shows a man in a suit looking at his phone, above him in a cloud are the communities he's interacting with online represented by line-art icons.

The Kids are on TikTok

While the profession has seen a number of attorneys leave since the start of the pandemic, some lawyers have taken up the mantle of attorney wellness through TikTok.
Michael Burg from Burg Simpson, Christine Hernandez from Hernandez & Associates, Tess Hand-Bender from Davis Graham & Stubbs, and Deborah Bayles from Stinson LLP

Managing Partners Talk DEI Initiatives, Common Pain Points and the Growing Need to Support...

Managing Partners discussed how their respective firms foster and maintain diversity, equity and inclusion practices and policies.
Scabby the Rat, an inflatable rat used by union protestors, sits in the snow outside of a building nearby a picketer.

Hard Times Ahead for Employers Under New NLRB

The NLRB in July ruled that Scabby the Rat can be displayed at union boycotts or protests. Employers can expect more labor-friendly decisions from the labor board, which has a Democratic majority as of Aug. 27.

Copyright, Contract Law and Intellectual Property Combine in ‘Publishing Law’ Niche Practice Area

Lawyers are often called upon to iron out details in contracts, copyright and intellectual property for books, and sometimes are needed again to negotiate adaptations as the practice continually expands.
The pop-art style Prince Series shows Prince's face reimagined in graphic pop art. Bright reds and purples cross and interplay over a illustrative representation Prince's face

Federal Appeals Court Says Famed Artist Warhol Infringed Photographer’s Copyright in Image of Pop...

Vanity Fair ran the Warhol image created based on Goldsmith’s photo in its Nov. 1984 edition. The magazine credited Goldsmith for the source photograph by including the statement “source photograph © 1984 by Lynn Goldsmith/LGI,” according to a federal district court opinion.

Part 3: Charles Wilkinson, Beloved Longtime CU Law Professor, Marks 50 Years as Leading...

Charles Wilkinson talks family, hobbies, and why he's still passionate about writing and his line of work.

Part 2: Charles Wilkinson, Beloved Longtime CU Law Professor, Marks 50 Years as Leading...

Part 2: Charles Wilkinson, a University of Colorado Law School faculty member since 1987, celebrates 50 years as a leading practitioner, scholar and teacher of federal Indian law, natural resources law, and water law in 2021.
Charlie Wilkinson

Charles Wilkinson, Beloved Longtime CU Law Professor, Marks 50 Years as Leading “Law of...

Charles Wilkinson of the University of Colorado celebrates 50 years of a notable legal career as a practitioner and professor
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LLPS: Paraprofessionals in Family Law Working Toward Justice

The Colorado Supreme Court gave the go-ahead to create a system allowing non-attorney to practice family law as an access to justice measure.