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What the POWR Act Means for Colorado Employers

The POWR Act was signed into law this week and will impact workplace discrimination claims, employer obligations and more.

Employee Labor Law Claims Are on the Rise, Lawyers Predict They’ll Stay That Way

The rise in employee labor law complaints is part of a trend local attorneys have seen in Colorado and across the country.

CTLA Announces 2022 ‘Case of the Year’ Finalists

The Colorado Trial Lawyers Association four announced finalists for its 2022 Case of the Year award.

New Gig Worker Act May Raise Prices, Reduce Earnings, Damage Competition

Attorneys Jennifer Harpole and Michael Lotito explain studies that may indicate the Gig Worker Transparency Act could reduce pay and increase prices.

‘Fair Workweek Standards’ Bill Killed in Committee

A controversial labor and employment bill on scheduling for hourly workers was killed in committee at the Colorado capitol last week.

Ascent Employment Law Looks to Bring Hands-On Approach to Management-Side Employment Law

After careers at large firms, two Denver attorneys are looking to bring a more personal touch to management-side employment law.

As AI and Algorithms Grow, So Do Employment Law Questions

Law Week Colorado caught up with local attorneys to learn more about the questions springing up from the use of AI and algorithms in work.

Business Lawyers Give Recap of 2022, Lookahead to 2023

Law Week spoke with business attorneys from Fortis Law Partners to take a look back at 2022 and ahead to the new year.