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Farmers Drop Request to Block Part of Colorado Agricultural Worker Rights Law as Challenge Continues

Farmers who asked a court to block an agricultural workers’ rights law dropped their request but haven’t dropped their suit.

Colorado Supreme Court to Review River Access Case

The Colorado Supreme Court has granted a petition for writ of certiorari in a water access case that could be precedent setting.

DOJ Takes Final Bite of Colorado Chicken Fixing Case

The dismissal appears to be the last chapter in a lengthy antitrust case which took place in Colorado’s federal court over several years.

Colorado Lawyers on Growing Number of Federal Antitrust Cases

A massive antitrust case is an example of a growing trend in Colorado and across the country, according to local attorneys.

Maritza Dominguez Braswell Sworn in as U.S. Magistrate Judge

Maritza Dominguez Braswell, a former deputy AG for Colorado, was sworn into office as Colorado’s newest federal magistrate judge.

Colorado Federal Judges Update Practice Standards

Two federal judges announced updated practice standards this week, and the U.S. District Court says more revisions are coming.