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Bill to Require Forensic Reporting Standards for Parental Responsibilities Allocation Investigators Introduced

Lawmakers introduced a bill that would require parental responsibilities allocation investigators to adhere to certain standards.

Bills Addressing Colorado Open Records Act, Colorado Open Meetings Law Introduced

A trio of bills introduced in both the House and Senate this past week would make changes to the Colorado Open Records Act and the Colorado Open Meetings Law.

House committee clears bill for Colorado concealed carry training standards

A bill that would substantially rework Colorado’s concealed carry permit training made it through its first committee hearing Tuesday.

Colorado’s Justice System, Youth, Firearm Rights in Focus this Week at the State Capitol

Bills focusing on youth and children were introduced to the legislature this week while other bills addressed the justice system and gun laws.

Colorado bill would ban guns at public parks, hospitals, other ‘sensitive places’

A Colorado bill would ban firearms from 19 locations defined as “sensitive” spaces.

Gun rights group challenges new Colorado ban on ghost guns

A gun-rights group filed a federal lawsuit against Colorado Gov. Jared Polis on Monday, aiming to overturn a new state law that bans owning, buying, transporting, making or selling so-called ghost guns. 

Federal judge allows enforcement of Colorado firearm waiting-period law

A federal judge in Denver on Monday declined to block enforcement of a new Colorado law that imposes a three-day waiting period on firearm purchases.

More Than 100 Bills Postponed Indefinitely

More than 110 bills were postponed indefinitely this session out of the 700+ bills introduced in the Colorado legislature.