Civil Action Against Historic Railroad for 416 Fire Closes Following Federal Settlement

For one of the case’s lead attorneys, it also wraps an fascinating chapter involving a dive into pre-statehood law, Colorado history and more.

Infographics: Recent History of U.S. Supreme Court Fuels Reform Debates

Supreme Court reform debates aren’t new. But modern reform discussions are connected to the court’s recent history.

CU’s John Paul Stevens Lecture Returns With Judge Bernice Donald From the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals

Judge Bernice Donald from the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals presented on the importance of rule of law in practice for the 10th annual John Paul Stevens Lecture.

2005 Denver Shooting Led to International Incident with Mexico

In May 2005, Colorado became an epicenter in immigration controversy after a shooting took place in a Denver dance hall.

Colorado’s Republican Civil Rights Icon

Peter Dominick, a Holland & Hart lawyer, took office early in 1961 as a Republican U.S. representative after serving in World War II.