Physical Therapy Company to Pay $400,000 for False Claims Act Violation Allegations

A physical therapy company in Colorado Springs agreed to pay $400,000 to settle allegations it falsely billed federal healthcare programs for aquatic therapy services in violation of the False Claims Act.

Colorado Substance Abuse Treatment Clinic and Owner Agree to Settle False Claims Act Allegations

Springbok Health Inc. and Mark Jankelow, Springbok’s owner and CEO, have settled to resolve allegations they violated the False Claims Act.

Supreme Court Clarifies Hospital Lien, Medicare Question

The Colorado Supreme Court concluded on Sept. 13 that hospitals must first bill Medicare before filing a lien against an accident victim, clearing up questions about the interplay between the state’s hospital lien statute and federal laws governing Medicare.

Colorado Supreme Court Hears April Oral Arguments

The Colorado Supreme Court is hearing arguments about whether pole-camera surveillance constitutes a warrantless search

Supreme Court to Hear Hospital Lien Case

The Colorado Supreme Court on Aug. 17 announced it will weigh in on whether hospitals must first bill Medicare before filing a lien against...

Colorado AG Intervenes in Health Care Merger

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser used an uncommon method to reach a resolution in a would-be antitrust case before filing a complaint. The attorney general...