Justices Participated but Didn’t Sign Sworn Affidavits in Dobbs-Leak Investigation, Marshal Says

Friday’s statement clarified investigators spoke to the justices but they were not asked to sign an affidavit like other employees.

Disqualification Reversal: DA’s React to Recent Colorado Supreme Court Decision

The Colorado Supreme Court on Nov. 14 reversed an order that disqualified an entire district attorney’s office from a case.

Court Opinion: Colorado Supreme Court Opinion for Nov. 21

The Colorado Supreme Court en banc affirmed a judgment involving the Securities Act of 1933. 

Recent Colorado Court of Appeals Decision Makes Waves for Water Utility, Landowners

The Colorado Court of Appeals issued a major victory for a water utility service in an opinion published Oct. 27.

The Role and Benefits of a Corporate Trustee

Eunice Kim of BNY Mellon Wealth Management explains the role, benefits and best practices for selecting a corporate trustee.

Opinion: Keep an Eye Out, Employers: The Colorado Legislature Proposed Changes to Colorado Anti-Discrimination Statute

A Senate committee heard the Protecting Opportunities and Workers’ Rights Act, which would impose widespread changes to the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act.