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Court Opinions: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion for Sept. 1

The 10th Circuit denied a certificate of appealability and dismissed a case about Sixth Amendment rights.

Court Opinions: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinions from August 2

The 10th Circuit upheld two district court decisions regarding a forma pauperis kidnapping case and a disability insurance case.

Colorado Supreme Court Heard Oral Arguments for Six Cases Tuesday-Wednesday This Week

The Colorado Supreme Court heard oral arguments for six cases Tuesday and Wednesday involving a variety of issues including the heritage of a Native American child in a dependency case, government decision making and whether someone’s right to a public trial was violated after a defendant's wife was removed from a courtroom.

Court Opinions: Colorado Supreme Court Opinions for June 21

The Colorado Supreme Court clarified how interest should be calculated when a party appeals a monetary judgment against it.

Court Opinions: Colorado Supreme Court Opinions for May 31

The Colorado Supreme Court on Tuesday published an opinion in a case about a defendant's request to delay his trial for change of counsel.

10th Circuit Affirms Terrorism Convictions Despite Challenges Over Surveillance, Trial Delays

The 10th Circuit upheld a Colorado man's terrorism convictions, rejecting his argument that the government unconstitutionally spied on him.

Supreme Court to Hear Sixth Amendment Cases Involving Public Defender Swaps

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear two Sixth Amendment cases involving defendants represented by public defenders.

Supreme Court to Consider Whether Wife’s Removal from Courtroom Violated Defendant’s Right to Public Trial

The Colorado Supreme Court will hear a case on whether removal of a defendant's wife from the courtroom violated his right to a public trial.