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Law Week’s Top Women Earn Their Stripes

The six attorneys on our 2021 Top Women list are involved in high-profile and high-impact work — from working with the government on pandemic response to advancing diversity and inclusiveness initiatives in the legal profession, as well as in the community, amid protests to racism and police violence.

Check out our hard-working Top Women title winners here.

OARC Report: Rural & Metro Attorneys

While white attorneys in the metro-areas of Colorado still make up the majority of Colorado’s attorney population, OARC figures show smaller and non-city areas show close numbers of diverse attorney percentages and elderly attorneys serving far-flung areas of the state. Law Week’s Avery Martinez looks into this window of Colorado’s attorney population.

Controversial State Health Bill Heads to Polis’ Desk

Colorado Democrats passed HB-1232 on Monday night, sending the controversial health care measure to Governor Jared Polis’ desk. The bill aims to reduce health care costs across the state but has been criticized by industry groups and lawmakers alike. (The Colorado Sun). 

Denver To Provide Free Counsel Eviction-Facers

Denver City Council passed an ordinance that will fund free legal representation for low-income residents facing eviction. (Colorado Politics). 

Agriculture Bill Will Axe Labor Exemptions

The state legislature is set to pass a sweeping agricultural workers rights reform bill. If signed into law, SB21-087 would eliminate many special exemptions to labor laws given to Colorado’s agriculture industry including minimum wage, overtime pay, unionization and breaks. (Colorado Public Radio). 


Sex/Race Preference Challenged by Courts in Restaurant Aid

A May 27 ruling by the 6th Circuit found that preferential race and sex based criteria baked into the Restaurant Revitalization Fund were unconstitutional. Hank Lacey, Law Week reporter, looked into the ruling and potential implications. (Law Week Colorado)

Child Apps Collecting Data Risk Non-Compliance

Under federal law, app developers must take steps to protect the data of any users who are 13 years old or younger. When third-party data collection software unknowingly collects this data, compliance gets tricky. (Bloomberg Law).

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