Business Bills, Colorado Access To Justice Commission Codification Introduced

As lawmakers near the end of the session, bill introductions are slowing as the list of signed bills grows. 

This week, Colorado legislators introduced a bill that would modify the county regulatory authority for short-term rentals. Also introduced was a bill that would codify the Colorado Access to Justice Commission and set requirements for appointed members. 

Bill Number: HB23-1287
Title: County Regulation Related To Short-term Rentals
Introduced: April 6
Sponsors: J. McCluskie, M. Lukens, D. Roberts, P. Will
Summary: A board of county commissioners can license and regulate lodging units that are rented or advertised for short-term stays. The bill would modify this regulatory authority by clarifying it applies to lodging units that are available for short-term rentals, which are rentals for less than 30 days, and excludes a hotel unit from the scope of the authority, along with other changes. 

Bill Number: HB23-1286
Title: Increase Penalty Cruelty Police And Service Animals
Introduced: April 6
Sponsors: R. Armagost, M. Duran
Summary: The bill increases penalties and fines for cruelty and aggravated cruelty to service animals, certified police working dogs and police working horses. 

Bill Number: SB23-264
Title: Alcohol Beverage Festival Participation
Introduced: April 4
Sponsors: R. Rodriguez, B. Gardner, M. Lynch
Summary: Currently, certain persons licensed to sell alcoholic beverages can apply for a permit to hold a festival, and other licensees are allowed to jointly participate in the festival with the licensee to which the permit was issued. Current law imposes a cap on the number of festivals a permittee may hold, but there’s no specified limit on the number of festivals in which another licensee may jointly participate. The bill would authorize a licensee to jointly participate in up to 52 festivals held by another licensee within a 12-month period.

Bill Number: HB23-1280
Title: Colorado Access To Justice Commission
Introduced: April 3
Sponsors: J. Joseph, M. Soper, D. Roberts, B. Gardner
Summary: The bill would codify the Colorado Access to Justice Commission and direct the commission to make recommendations regarding legislative and regulatory changes.

Bill Number: SB23-265
Title: Prohibit Professional Discipline For Marijuana
Introduced: April 3
Sponsors: K. Van Winkle, M. Snyder
Summary: The bill would protect license applicants, as defined in the bill, from having a license, certification or registration denied or from being disciplined based solely on a civil or criminal judgment against them for the consumption, possession, cultivation or processing of marijuana, with exceptions, or any previous professional disciplinary action based solely on the consumption, possession, cultivation or processing of marijuana if they didn’t otherwise violate Colorado law.

Bill Number: SB23-260
Title: Individual Access To Publicly Funded Vaccines
Introduced: April 1
Sponsors: K. Mullica
Summary: The bill would prohibit anyone authorized to administer a vaccine from requiring someone who wants to get a publicly funded vaccine to present a government-issued ID card, social security card, social security number, proof of health insurance or payment of a vaccine administration fee in order to receive such a vaccine, among other things.

Bill Number: SB23-261
Title: Direct Care Workforce Stabilization Board
Introduced: April 1
Sponsors: J. Danielson, T. Exum, M. Duran, J. Willford
Summary: The bill would create the direct care workforce stabilization board in the Department of Labor and Employment to review the direct care industry, which is the industry of workers who provide home-based or community-based direct care to individuals who require assistance in accomplishing activities of daily living. The bill would direct the board to review the direct care industry at least every two years and develop certain recommendations for the direct care workforce.

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