Five Questions with Ethan A. Anderson, Ballard Spahr Associate and Transactional Attorney

Five questions with Ethan A. Anderson.

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This week, we heard from Ethan A. Anderson, associate and transactional attorney at Ballard Spahr. “He prepares offering statements and transaction documents including bond documents, loan agreements, resolutions, certificates, legal opinions, and other closing documents in tax-exempt and taxable issuances.” Read more about Anderson’s practice and experience in his online biography.

Question 1

If you could choose to master a musical instrument that you don’t already know how to play, which one would it be and why?

A: The piano. To be honest, I actually sort of already know how to play the piano because I took lessons for a couple of years when I was young, but I didn’t keep it up. Playing the piano can be a very social activity and I’m a person who likes to socialize, so I think it could be fun.

Question 2

What is your favorite restaurant and what’s your favorite thing to order there?

A: STK in downtown Denver. Their steak is good, of course, but my favorite food there is the tuna tartare starter. I go because I like the upbeat atmosphere (there’s usually a DJ) and the service is always great.

Question 3

What’s your favorite weekend activity?

A: Reading books, preferably somewhere outside. I love to read non-fiction because I am always learning something and almost every book gives me the idea for the next book I want to read.

Question 4

What’s your favorite book and why?

A: The Andy Warhol Diaries. Famous artist aside (and one of my favorites), Andy was an incredibly fascinating person. Just about every famous name of the era makes an appearance in at least one of his daily entries, but even more interesting is how meticulously he documents the prices he pays for the things he purchases. Let’s just say, a last-minute, first-class ticket to Paris was a lot cheaper in the 1980s.

Question 5

What’s your favorite movie or TV show?

A: I like a lot of shows, but if you ask anyone who knows me, the answer would most certainly be The Golden Girls. I’ve watched re-runs since I was a kid and have seen every episode multiple times, but it’s still always entertaining. Some people have comfort food, but I have a comfort TV show. My friends have also taken note — they’ve sent me Golden Girls birthday cards and given me Golden Girls shot glasses, a coffee mug and a cookbook as gifts.

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