Gov. Polis Announces Clemency for 24 Individuals

Gov. Jared Polis announced Dec. 22 he granted clemency to 24 individuals, including four commutations and 19 pardons. Polis also granted one individual a commutation and a pardon. 

Polis granted commutations to Michael Clifton, Sidney Cooley, Robin Farris and Sean Marshall. Clifton and Marshall were granted parole effective Jan. 31, with terms and conditions of parole to be set by the parole board. Cooley was granted parole no earlier than Jan. 31, on a date the governor’s office said was appropriate based on the completion of his re-entry plan in Colorado, with terms and conditions of parole to be set by the parole board. Cooley will be allowed to serve his parole period in Ohio if approved under the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision. Farris will be parole eligible on Jan. 31, according to the announcement.

Polis granted pardons to Vicente Antillon, Marla Bautista, Jay Biesemeier, Wendy Biesemeier, William Bray, Joseph Burns, Daniel Collins, Carey Davidson, Samuel DeBono, Caleb Haley, Mark Harmon, Walter Hooton, Charles Hurlburt, Tell Jones, John Krause, Terrence Miller, Steven Thomas, Staci Tillman and Ryan Tomka. 

The governor’s office also announced he granted a commutation and pardon to Jay Hemphill. 

The executive orders and clemency letters were also made available in the announcement. The governor’s office noted Polis recreated the Executive Clemency Advisory Board in 2019. The board reviews clemency applications and makes recommendations to the governor for commutations and pardons.

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