Legal Lasso: 10th Circuit Hears Religious Freedom Case

Legal Lasso

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303 Creative Arguments
The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments in a case questioning a web designer’s legal ability to deny wedding services to same-sex couples, reviving questions that went unanswered in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case.

The Next Justice
The Colorado Supreme Court will get a new justice in January. Here’s an introduction to the three nominees — one of which is expected to be named for the court by the end of this week.

El Paso County Outbreak
The COVID-19 outbreak at the El Paso County jail is among the largest in the state. Staff and inmates say the rise in cases is attributed to the lack of masks and PPE provided.

State to Take New Actions to Protect Inmates
Meanwhile, Colorado’s Department of Corrections and the ACLU reached an agreement on how the state should protect medically vulnerable inmates from contracting COVID-19.

Landlord Sues Tenant Over Crypto Mining
A man who previously settled fraud claims with the SEC is now being sued by his landlord for building a server farm to mine cryptocurrency in his office space.

Police Shoot ‘Unresponsive’ Man
Glendale police shot and killed an unarmed and “unresponsive” man, the victim’s attorney said.


Judges Lose Patience for Election Challenges
As President Donald Trump continues to pursue legal challenges to the vote counts in states around the country, judges seem to have less patience for his lawsuits. A Nevada judge asked “At what point does this get ridiculous?” in ruling against Republicans.

BigLaw Data Breaches
According to reports to the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs, data breaches have hit bar associations in New York and Chicago, and personal information about current and former attorneys and employees at Cadwalader Wickerhsam & Taft might have been exposed through a recent ransomware attack.

Jones Day Backlash
Jones Day is facing protests and a petition urging law students to avoid interviews with the firm, following news of it taking up litigation challenging the outcome of the 2020 election.

Lawyers Ask for Inmate’s Stay of Execution 
Lawyers for the first woman to face federal execution are asking for a delay in her execution because they contracted COVID-19 while working on her defense.

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