Legal Lasso: COGCC Releases Preliminary Rules

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COGCC Puts Forward New Rules for Venting and Flaring
Under preliminary rules released by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission oil and gas companies would be prohibited from routinely venting and flaring natural gas from well sites. (Denver Post)

The Right to an Immigration Attorney?
Denver has its own legal defense fund, but immigrant advocates are exploring the possibilities for setting up a similar statewide model.

Lawmakers Debate Leadership Selections
Although Colorado’s legislature might not look very different come January, its leadership might. Yesterday, Democratic lawmakers debated the need for diversity in leadership positions.

Court of Appeals Keeps Red Flag Ruling, Despite Lack of Records
The Colorado Court of Appeals delivered an opinion yesterday saying it decided not to overturn a “red flag” order, even though the findings of the lower court judge who granted the order were missing.

What Colorado’s Abortion Ban Rejection Means
Colorado’s vote on the proposed abortion ban show abortion politics around the country in a new light.



Trump Seeks to Delegitimize Election
With the vote-counting still running in six key states, President Donald Trump gave an address yesterday with allegations of fraud and illegal votes.

Election Lawsuit Rundown
And several lawsuits are running in states where the counting is still going as well. Here’s the rundown of the election challenges.

BigLaw Firm Bars Attorney From Sharing Documents
BigLaw firm Cole Schatz has a restraining order against an associate who is attempting to disclose confidential documents in order to “have a life of meaning.”

Texas AG Said to Have Criminal Connections
The Texas Attorney General is in a web of trouble, with allegations that he had an extramarital affair connected to criminal allegations against him.

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