Legal Lasso: Impeachment Trial, Day Two

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Impeachment Trial Day Two
The U.S. Senate will have day two of the impeachment trial for former President Donald Trump today. Law Week will provide updates throughout the day. You can follow along here.

Lawmakers Respond to Judiciary Scandal
Some Colorado lawmakers are considering changes to the state’s judicial disciplinary process, following the release of a memo that details allegations of misconduct within the judiciary. (Denver Post)

Tribal Challenges Add Up
Many areas on tribal land have infrastructure problems with running water, electricity and reliable Internet. Those issues have piled up to make it difficult for courts to operate remotely through the pandemic.

Democrats Plan to Bring Health Care Plan to the Legislature
Democratic lawmakers are planning to introduce a health care plan in this legislative session that would aim to implement a public option by 2025

Judge Says Fort Collins Wrongly Prosecuted a Homeless Man
A Colorado judge ruled last week that the city of Fort Collins violated a man’s rights by prosecuting him for sleeping in his car.



Impeachment Managers to Introduce New Evidence
In today’s impeachment proceedings, impeachment managers are expected to present new evidence, including video footage from Capitol security cameras.

Merrick Garland’s Confirmation Hearings Set
The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing for Merrick Garland‘s attorney general nomination on Feb. 22 and Feb. 23.

Impeachment Defense Gets Criticism
The impeachment defense team got criticized yesterday for their meandering arguments. Notable critics include Alan Dershowitz, who represented former President Donald Trump in the first impeachment and from Trump himself.

The Internet’s Favorite Lawyer-Cat
A Texas lawyer assured a judge he did not, as appearances suggest, become a cat. Make sure to turn off your Zoom filters.

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