Legal Lasso: Investigation Suggests Denver Police Violated Use-of-Force Policies

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Police Broke Their Own Rules During Protests
A news investigation of police use-of-force policies found that many police departments around the country — including Denver’s — violated their own rules when they fired “less lethal” projectiles at protesters at Black Lives Matter protests in June.

Aurora Set to Start Police Oversight Task Force
The Aurora City Council will finalize its police oversight task force at tonight’s meeting. The City Council recently agreed to remove the police union representative from the task force and add two more members, one non-voting.

The Pros and Cons of Making the Switch to Work-from-Home
Some companies are considering making current work-from-home arrangements permanent, but attorneys say there are a lot of considerations for rules and procedures in doing so. (Denver Post)

Denver Moves Has Plans for Downtown
And for those who will still work downtown, there could be some changes coming to transportation. If the city is able to fund the plans, that is.

Polis Signs Police Reform Bill
Gov. Jared Polis on Friday signed the state’s sweeping police reform bill. It creates new requirements for police departments that allow for oversight, such as requiring all officers to wear body cameras, specifying when officers can use deadly force and makes it easier for people to sue individual officers and sheriffs deputies.



Federal Prosecutor Fired After Refusing to Resign
The big news over the weekend: a U.S. attorney who was involved in investigating President Donald Trump agreed to leave the position after U.S. Attorney William Barr pressured him to resign.  And for some, it is all a little familiar feeling.

House Judiciary Chair Says Barr Should be Impeached
And House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said Barr should be impeached but that any efforts to do so would be pointless in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Reconsidering Police Use of Force Policies
Around the country, states are reconsidering their police use-of-force laws, and some legal experts suggest looking at the reasonableness standard used to determine whether force is necessary.

3M Settles Price Gouging Cases
3M reached settlements in two more cases with companies it says took advantage of the coronavirus pandemic and gouged prices on N95 masks.

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