Legal Lasso: Lawmakers Brief Supreme Court on Legislative Session Question

Legal Lasso

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Lawmakers File Briefs With Supreme Court
State lawmakers and officials have filed briefs with the Colorado Supreme Court in the question of whether the General Assembly may extend its session after it returns.

Polis Criticized for Sparing Death Row Inmates
Polis has, unsurprisingly, drawn some criticism from outspoken proponents of the death penalty after he decided to commute the sentences of the three men who were on Colorado’s death row.

No Immigration Arrests at Courthouses
It slipped past us while we were still sifting through coronavirus updates, but Polis signed Senate Bill 83 into law earlier this week. It prohibits agents from making civil arrests at courthouses. (Denver Post)

Law Enforcement Struggles Under Social Distancing Orders
Colorado’s justice system is struggling to stay ahead of the virus. Gov. Jared Polis issued guidance yesterday for the lawyers, law enforcement and staff involved in the criminal justice system on how to shrink jail populations and limit interactions between individuals.

Denver Trial Lawyers Represent Plaintiffs in Michigan Sex Abuse Case
A Colorado lawyer is representing about 70 plaintiffs in a sexual abuse case the University of Michigan for the alleged actions of a former team physician



Supreme Court Says States Can’t Be Sued for Copyright Infringement
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of states, finding  a videographer who spent two decades documenting the salvaging of Blackbeard’s ship cannot sue the state of North Carolina in federal court for using his videos without his permission.

Astros Say Fans Don’t Have a Lawsuit
Lawyers for the Houston Astros baseball team are fighting back against fans who are suing the team, saying they have no standing to recover damages. The fans allege the team “deceptively” overcharged them after cheating its way to a World Series win.

Pandemic Stokes Flames in Fight Over Abortion
Governors in Ohio, Texas and Mississippi are targeting abortion clinics during the pandemic, citing them as nonessential medical services.

Unemployment Sites Crash Under Strain
Unemployment websites around the country have been brought down by people filing claims. National jobless claims jumped 33% to 281,000. This Thursday’s figure could be as high as 3 million.

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