Legal Lasso: Lawmakers Propose Changes to Police Immunity

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Lawmakers Propose Statewide Changes to Police Immunity
Democratic lawmakers announced yesterday that they would introduce legislation — as soon as today — that would strip immunity from lawsuits from individual law enforcement officers if they engage in misconduct.

Hickenlooper Resists Subpoena for Ethics Hearing
John Hickenlooper is likely to go to court over a subpoena requiring him do deliver testimony at his upcoming ethics hearing. Hickenlooper had previously insisted he give his testimony in person, and now, with the virtual format set, he is saying he will not attend.

Supreme Court Rules on Child Abuse in the Womb
The Colorado Supreme Court ruled this week that anyone injuring an unborn baby cannot be prosecuted for child abuse.

Supreme Court to Decide on Parental Rights
The Colorado Supreme Court will consider whether juvenile courts should choose the best placement option for a child, even if that means ending parental rights.

Buildings Boarded Up
Buildings in downtown Denver are boarded up today as protests continue beyond curfew each night.



BigLaw Firms Respond to Unrest
Some BigLaw firms are weighing in on the protests around the country with statements about racism, if not police brutality. And Skadden stood out for making a large donation to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Coronavirus in Jails
An assistant U.S. attorney in New York says the number of COVID-19 infections among inmates at Manhattan’s federal lockup was likely about seven times what the Bureau of Prisons has previously reported.

Minnesota to Investigate Police Policies
Minnesota’s lieutenant governor announced the state’s Department of Human Rights is launching an investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department’s practices and policies over the last decade.

‘Tiger King’ Update
A judge awarded Carole Baskin the zoo formerly operated by Joe Exotic.

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