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Lawyers of the Year 2019
Law Week’s Lawyers of the Year 2019 edition is out now! Find out who our lawyers of the year are and hear from them about the work they did on our website.

Second Session of the 72nd General Assembly Begins
Today is also the first day of the legislative session. There will be plenty coming down the pike over the next five months.

Partisan Lawsuit Still Ongoing
And as the session begins, a lawsuit is still pending regarding Democrats’ use of computers to speed-read bills in last year’s legislative session.

Colorado Communities Agree to Take Resettled Refugees
A written executive order from President Trump requires state and local governments to provide written consent to refugees being resettled in their community. Aurora, Centennial, Littleton, Arvada and Arapahoe County are among the Colorado communities working on such resolutions. (Denver Post)

GEO Closes Colorado Springs Prison
Private prison company GEO announced yesterday that it will close a facility in Colorado Springs. Now, the state will have to reopen an old prison in order to house the 650 inmates.



Ikea Settles Case Involving Tipped Dresser
California’s Commission on Judicial Performance found an appeals court justice engaged in a pattern of misconduct toward women that included inappropriate remarks and unwanted touching beginning when he was a magistrate. The justice could end up being removed from the bench.

Weinstein Could Land in Jail for Phone Use
Harvey Weinstein has a new chance at receiving jail time: Weinstein violated courtroom rules by showing up for his rape trial with four phones and used two of them in the courtroom. Meanwhile, he faces new rape and sex crimes charges in LA.

Skadden Arps Responds to Sharpton Criticism
Skadden Arps defended its diversity after Reverend Al Sharpton criticized it for having few racial minorities in its Delaware office. The firm sent a letter saying its firmwide diversity is a work in progress. (

Senate Prepares to Move Forward With Impeachment Trial
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate will move forward with creating rules for the impeachment trial without Speaker Nancy Pelosi submitting articles of impeachment.

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