Legal Lasso: State Archaeologist Discusses Hidden Treasure

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Holes in Archaeology Laws
The Colorado State Archaeologist discussed the gaps in Colorado’s archaeology and “pot hunting” laws in light of the supposedly recently uncovered Forrest Fenn treasure, which was said to have been hidden in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

School Board Found to Violate Open Records Act
A judge ruled that a Colorado Springs school board improperly denied an Open Records Act request for the names and application materials of all finalists considered for the superintendent’s job.

Law Grads Say Bar Exam Updates Aren’t Enough
The Colorado Bar Exam now comes with a limited practice option, so test takers can opt to take the exam at a later date and work in the meantime. But recent law grads behind a petition to change the July in-person bar exam say that isn’t enough.

Ballot Measure Asks to Limit Mayor’s Appointment Power
Denver voters will get to weigh in on a ballot measure that questions whether to give City Council more power over city positions that are usually filled by mayoral appointment.

Colorado Files Lawsuit Over Visa Rule
Colorado is suing the federal government over a new visa rule that could force international students to leave the country if they can’t take in-person classes.



Supreme Court Clears Way for Federal Executions
The Department of Justice carried out the first federal execution since 2003 after the U.S. Supreme Court split in an early morning decision. The court concluded that death row inmates had virtually no chance of succeeding in claims that pentobarbital injections amounted to cruel and unusual punishment.

Criticism for Attorneys Receiving PPP Loans
Some plaintiffs lawyers are criticizing those who received PPP loans, saying attorneys who work on a contingency fee model should be used to having to finance themselves.

Republicans Propose New Business Liability Protections
A new plan from Senate Republicans would give broad protection to health care workers and employers in coronavirus-related lawsuits.

Law Grads Around the Country Struggle With Bar Exam Changes
Colorado’s Bar Exam woes are representative of issues around the country as law graduates and bar examiners deal with the coronavirus.

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