Legal Lasso: Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments

Legal Lasso

We’re keeping an up-to-date list with the most current status for court closings and event relocations during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Denver Institutes Mask Order
I hope everyone has built up their mask wardrobe — beginning Wednesday, it will be mandatory to wear them indoors in Denver.

A Rent Strike in Cap Hill
Tenants of a Capitol Hill apartment building are staging a rent strike. A tenant union, which formed years ago, aims to have 40% of renters strike.

Your Rights During Coronavirus
The coronavirus has created all kinds of new rules and changes to old rules — a pair of attorneys explain what workers’ rights are during this unusual time.

Law Firm Owners Take Over Chemical Company
Mike and Kathy Sandstrom run a law firm — and now they also run an industrial lubricants company.

Aurora Considers Stepping in on Anti-Asian Sentiment
Aurora is considering an anti-racism resolution to combat anti-Asian sentiments and hate crimes.



Supreme Court Hears Teleconference Arguments
The U.S. Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments over teleconference this morning. The court will hear arguments over the next two weeks.

Legal Slowdown
The coronavirus pandemic has created a major slowdown at law firms — there has been a 40% drop in the number of new legal matters being opened each week in the U.S. compared to late February, according to a recent report.

New York Prioritizes New Yorkers for Bar Exam
New York is prioritizing in-state test takers for its upcoming September bar exam. And law deans from outside New York are not happy.

Insurance Notice Lawsuits Could Pile Up
Attorneys are preparing for a wave of COVID-19-related lawsuits dealing with the health notices big companies sent to workers who were let go.

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