Legal Lasso: Supreme Court Sides With Colorado in Faithless Electors Case

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SCOTUS Delivers Faithless Electors Decision
The U.S. Supreme Court sided with Colorado yesterday in its appeal to the 10th Circuit’s “faithless electors” decision. The Supreme Court said states do have the ability to require their presidential electors to vote for the state’s popular vote winner.

DGS Receives Substantial PPP
Davis Graham & Stubbs is among the Colorado businesses receiving PPP loans between $5 million and $10 million — the largest bracket for the loans.

Law Students’ Concern Grows Around Bar Exam
Colorado is moving forward with its July bar exam, with some additional precautions taken for the pandemic. But some students are pushing for a diploma privilege option instead.

BLM Appointment Challenged
Two groups are suing the U.S. Department of the Interior, saying it violated federal law through the continued reappointment of the acting head for the BLM and are now saying he must step down and go through a formal nomination process.

About the Delegation of Tasks Within Elijah McClain Investigations
The City of Aurora is focused on first-responder training, policies and police practices in its investigation of the death of Elijah McClaim. The state attorney general is focusing on potential criminal aspects of the case.


SCOTUS Upholds Robocall Ban
In addition to the faithless electors ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday also upheld a ban on automated phone calls to cell phones.

Charges Filed Against Woman Who Called Police on Birdwatcher
The woman who called police on a Central Park birdwatcher now faces charges for falsely reporting an incident to police.

Student Sues Over Fall Tuition
A Harvard Law student is suing the school for a discount on the fall 2020 tuition.

Miami Lawyer’s Fashion Statement
A Miami lawyer evidently has as problem with a federal court’s in-person hearings; he wore a full hazmat suit for his client’s sentencing hearing.

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