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U.S. Supreme Court Stays Mifepristone Ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court stayed a ruling to pull from the market mifepristone, a medication commonly used in abortions.

Identity Theft to Take Center Stage at U.S. Supreme Court Feb. 27

A unique identity theft case will come before the U.S. Supreme Court for oral argument Feb. 27.

Supreme Court Blocks Vaccine-or-Test Rule, Allows Health Care Worker Mandate to Go Forward

The Supreme Court decided to stay OSHA's vaccine-or-test rule for large employers but allowed a health care worker mandate to proceed.

Employers Should Prepare for OSHA ETS, Though Court Battles Continue

A federal appeals court recently reinstated OSHA’s vaccine-or-test rule, but employers now have an extra month to comply.

Sixth Circuit Denies Order to Expedite OSHA ETS Proceedings

In the month since it was announced, OSHA’s vaccine-or-test Emergency Temporary Standard has been the subject of many legal challenges.

Preparing to Meet OSHA’s EST Rulings Pending Court Ruling on Constitutionality

On Nov. 4, OSHA issued an Emergency Temporary Standard requiring qualifying employers to either require workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine or require weekly testing and face coverings.