Almost Half of Employers Use AI According to Littler Study, but Legal Risks Abound

The use of artificial intelligence continues to increase, but governments in Colorado and around the world are looking at stricter regulations on the technology.

Three Bills in Colorado Look to Put Some Guardrails on Artificial Intelligence

Three bills aim to put some regulations on artificial intelligence in place, but two face an uncertain future as the legislature nears its end date.

IAALS, LSAC Launch Foundations 2.0, Addressing a Post-COVID Legal Profession Undergoing Fundamental Shifts

In a major update to its 2014 Foundations for Practice project, IAALS partnered with LSAC on Foundations 2.0.

State Bill Special Report: Labor and Employment

This special bill report is courtesy of State Bill Colorado, a product of our publisher Circuit Media.

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Colorado Lawyer Cited Fake Cases in Motion Written with ChatGPT

Colorado attorney Zachariah Crabill filed a motion that relied on three cases he later realized were “fabricated” by ChatGPT.