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Bills Addressing Affordable Housing, Deepfakes in Elections Campaigns, Federal Immigration Law Enforcement Introduced

After being vetoed last session, the government right of first refusal bill has been reintroduced with modifications.

Sweeping overhaul of Colorado elections gets initial nod for ballot from state Title Board

A proposal backed by one of Colorado’s wealthiest political donors to dramatically overhaul how the state conducts its elections cleared its first hurdle before a little-known panel of public officials on Wednesday.

Colorado voters decisively reject property tax measure backed by Democrats

A proposal backed by Colorado Democrats to cut property tax rates while allowing the state to retain more excess tax revenue in the long term appeared to be decisively rejected by voters on Tuesday.

Voters pass Proposition II, boosting Colorado’s universal preschool program with tobacco tax revenues

Colorado voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure that will allow the state to retain excess revenue from taxes on tobacco and nicotine products to support its new universal preschool program.

‘A Period of Hellish Disturbance’ in Wake of 1904 General Election

In December 1904, the Colorado Supreme Court threw out an entire precinct’s votes in a general election, surprising the state's legal community. In a somewhat similar case, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments Dec. 7 in Moore v. Harper, which focuses on the independent state legislature theory.