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Independent Investigation into Colorado Judiciary Ready to Proceed; Two Vendors Awarded Investigation Contracts

The Colorado Judicial Department announced it has entered into contracts with two vendors to investigate allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination and claims of an improperly awarded training contract to a former senior administrator.

E-Filing Pilot Program for Self-Represented Litigants Expands

The Colorado Judicial Department announced that it will expand the electronic document filing pilot program for non-lawyer individuals.

New Programs Aim to Continue Progress in Diversifying the Bench

The Colorado Judicial Department is taking the lead in new projects aimed at improving diversity on the bench.

Bar Associations Push for Equity in Wake of Scandal

Colorado bar associations have joined together in a rare move to call for action in the wake of a judicial branch scandal. Following the allegations...

State Takes Steps to Prevent COVID Outbreak in Juvenile Detention

Concerns about a coronavirus outbreak within Colorado’s detention centers, prisons and other incarceration facilities have been raised since the beginning of the virus.  And while...

Courts Put Many Functions on Hold Until May

With the seemingly ever-changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, special circumstances are taking place in courts across the state. Recently, a special 63-day blanket...

Red Flag Law Leaves Lots of Questions for Courts

Colorado’s “red flag” gun law will go into effect Jan. 1, making the state one of 17 to allow for the temporary removal of...

Public Guardianship Project Faces Fundraising Chasm

More than 5,800 Coloradans are in need of a public entity to make big decisions on their behalf. The state has plans to set...