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Court Opinions: Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions for Feb. 22

The Colorado Court of Appeals released two opinions on Feb. 22, including a ruling involving the Colorado Open Meetings Law.

Bills Addressing Colorado Open Records Act, Colorado Open Meetings Law Introduced

A trio of bills introduced in both the House and Senate this past week would make changes to the Colorado Open Records Act and the Colorado Open Meetings Law.

House of Representatives Members Accused of Violating Sunshine Law in Lawsuit

Two Colorado House of Representative members are accusing their colleagues of routinely breaking the Colorado Open Meetings Law.

A Brief History of State Employee Ethics

The 40-year history of state employee ethics in Colorado culminated in the founding of the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission in 2006.

Court Opinions- Oct 26, 2020

People v. Magana Christopher Magana appealed the judgment of conviction entered on jury verdicts finding him guilty of 18 counts of arson and one count...

Court Opinions – Nov 18, 2019

Consistent with a medical marijuana policy developed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment after receiving input from staff of the Colorado...

Court Opinions- Apr 29, 2019

Buell v. People Francis Buell was accused of shoplifting at a Sears Department Store in Greeley and then at a Safeway grocery story about a...