Court Opinions: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion for May 31

A 10th Circuit panel out of Denver, Colorado affirmed that Edwell, Inc. is not liable for trademark infringement.

How to Navigate Legal Issues of Using Generative AI to Create Content

KO partners Ben Oelsner and Chris Achatz explain the complex legal issues around using AI to generate work in this opinion article.

Merchant & Gould Launches Business Consulting Group Focused on Copyright Infringement

As sales grow in online marketplaces, concerns continue to rise when it comes to counterfeiting and copyright infringement.

Federal Appeals Court Says Famed Artist Warhol Infringed Photographer’s Copyright in Image of Pop Star Prince

Vanity Fair ran the Warhol image created based on Goldsmith’s photo in its Nov. 1984 edition. The magazine credited Goldsmith for the source photograph by including the statement “source photograph © 1984 by Lynn Goldsmith/LGI,” according to a federal district court opinion.