Still much unknown on how marijuana policies would change in states under Biden plan

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has proposed loosening the illegal status of marijuana at the federal level — but that doesn’t mean the federal government now condones recreational or medicinal use in the many states that have legalized the drug.

Gov. Polis Appoints J. Chris Larson to 20th Judicial District Court

Gov. Polis appointed J. Chris Larson to the 20th Judicial District Court, replacing retiring Judge Patrick Butler, effective May 11.

Nikhil Ramnaney Named Senior Counsel of the Office for Access to Justice

Director Rachel Rossi of the Office for Access to Justice named Nikhil Ramnaney as senior counsel for the office.

Criminal Marketplace Disrupted in International Cyber Operation

The DOJ announced an operation against a criminal online marketplace selling stolen account access credentials.

Final Rule Issued for Home Confinement Under CARES Act

The DOJ issued a final rule giving the director of the Bureau of Prisons discretion to keep individuals in home confinement after the COVID-19 emergency ends.

Fortnite Developer Epic Games Agrees to Pay $275 Million for Alleged Violations of Children’s Privacy Law

Epic Games agreed to pay $275 million in civil penalties, the largest civil penalty ever imposed for a COPPA violation.

Justice Department Will Award $57 Million to Justice System Reforms and Racial Equity Programs, Initiatives

The DOJ said it’ll award nearly $57 million to criminal justice reform and racial equity programs in the criminal justice system.

Instec Agrees to Pay $625,000 for Alleged False Claims Act Violations

Instec Inc. and Instec’s owner and president agreed to pay $625K to resolve allegations they violated the False Claims Act.