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Court Opinion: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion for Sept. 18

The 10th Circuit affirmed a judgment in a case involving claims of employment discrimination.

Court Opinion: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion for June 15

The 10th Circuit affirmed a district court judgment in an employment discrimination suit.

Court Opinions: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion for April 4

A 10th Circuit panel out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, affirmed a district courts dismissal of a case concerning Title VII discrimination and the VA.

New Labor Laws, Guidance Has Major Impact on Colorado Employees and Employers

The Colorado General Assembly and Department of Labor and Employment are having a big year implementing new laws and guidance impacting many employers and employees.

Bill Introduced to Repeal Requirement to Confirm Legal Status Before Issuing Identification Documents

Lawmakers introduced a bill that would repeal a requirement to confirm an individual's lawful presence in the U.S. before issuing identification documents.

EEOC Updates Guidance on Pandemic-Related Discrimination Against Caregivers

The EEOC released guidance on caregiver discrimination with pandemic-related examples of stereotypes and scenarios employers should avoid.

Older, Diverse Workers Better Represented in Federal Sector, but Pay Gaps Persist

A report from the EEOC shows older workers are better represented in the federal government than the private sector, but pay gaps persist.

Jury Sides with Sherman & Howard Client in Employment Discrimination Case

Two Sherman & Howard attorneys successfully defended a client against discrimination and retaliation claims in a jury trial last month.