Fortnite Developer Epic Games Agrees to Pay $275 Million for Alleged Violations of Children’s Privacy Law

Epic Games agreed to pay $275 million in civil penalties, the largest civil penalty ever imposed for a COPPA violation.

Colorado Joins Pesticide Lawsuit

AG Phil Weiser joined nine other states in a lawsuit against Syngenta and Corteva for anti-competitive actions that hurt farmers.

Twitter Agrees to Pay $150 Million to Resolve Alleged Data Privacy Violations

On May 25, a settlement was announced that, if approved by a federal court, will require Twitter Inc. to pay $150 million in civil penalties.

Employers with Illegal Non-Competes Face New Criminal Penalties in March

In March, Colorado employers will be subject to new criminal penalties, including up to 120 days in jail, for illegal non-compete agreements.

FTC and DOJ Seek Input on Updating Merger Rules

The FTC and DOJ announced they are seeking public comment on how to update merger guidelines for the modern economy.

States May Offer Clues on Future of Non-Competes as Employers Await FTC Action

Non-compete agreements have been in the headlines in the weeks since President Joe Biden encouraged the Federal Trade Commission to ban or limit non-compete clauses and other agreements that “may unfairly limit worker mobility.”

Big Tech’s Antitrust Reckoning

The nation’s technology industry faces an unpredictable year in 2021 as the federal government and states take aim at two of its largest companies...

‘Crash Course’ in M&A Discusses Deals, Details and Tech

What happens if you have a tech company in the middle market approach you for advice about selling their business, which was started in...