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Gov. Polis Signs New Bill Regarding Earned Income Tax Credit

HB24-1084 repeals and reenacts HB23B-100, increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit to 50% to help Colorado families afford essentials like food, housing and transportation.

Public Defenders Union Petition Hopes to Allocate Funding Boost to Core Staff

Most recently, DUC circulated a petition with the hope of reducing pay gaps for staff ahead of the office’s legislative budget request.

The Biggest 2023 Labor and Employment Bills Passed in Colorado

With labor and employment law always on the move, it can be hard to keep up with the legislation that made it into law this year.

Student Removed from Colorado Capital During Protest

Since the incident, Colorado lawmakers have released statements condemning the response by law enforcement as unnecessary.

Colorado General Assembly Continues Discussions on Mental Health Matters

Colorado organizations are showing their support for numerous proposed bills related to mental health issues that are on the General Assembly’s docket.

Legal Insight: Proposed Job Application Fairness Act

A bill introduced in the Colorado general assembly in January could have a major impact on how potential employees apply for jobs.

What Legislation Colorado’s Legal Community is Watching in 2023

Law Week caught up with bar associations and legal organizations to hear what topics and bills they’re keeping an eye on this session.

Lawmakers Publish First Drafts of Judicial Reform Bills

State lawmakers released the first drafts of bills to change how Colorado handles complaints against judges.