$700 Million Settlement Announced with Google over Alleged Play Store Monopoly

Colorado AG Phil Weiser and a bipartisan group of 52 other AGs announced a $700 million agreement with Google over alleged monopoly tactics.

Colorado Supreme Court Affirms ‘Reverse-Keyword’ Warrant in People v. Seymour

In a recent case brought to the Colorado Supreme Court, several individual’s IP addresses were discovered through a reverse-keyword warrant.

Capital Offense Bail, Animal Cruelty Cases to be Heard Before Colorado Supreme Court in May

The Colorado Supreme Court will hear oral arguments May 2 and 4 in six cases including ones connected to bail in a capital offense case and an animal cruelty case.

Colorado Will Get $8.3 Million in Google Settlement Over Location Tracking Practices

Colorado and 39 other states reached a $395 million settlement with Google over misleading location tracking practices to sell targeted ads.

A Deeper Dive Into FTC’s Record-Breaking Fine to Google, YouTube for Violating COPPA Rule

The Federal Trade Commission entered into a settlement agreement in July with Facebook, Inc., which included a record-breaking $5 billion fine for repeat violations...