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Anne Gorsuch, the Woman Whose Work Created the Chevron Deference

In a trailblazing and at times controversial career, Anne Gorsuch was the youngest woman admitted to the Colorado Bar, the first woman to be EPA Administrator and the first cabinet-level official charged with contempt of Congress.

Court Opinions: US Supreme Court Overrules Chevron

The U.S. Supreme Court overruled its 40-year-old Chevron doctrine, stating courts not statutory agencies have a duty to say what the law is.

10th Circuit Ruling on Municipal Jurisdiction on Tribal Land Temporarily Stayed by Supreme Court

Justice Neil Gorsuch stayed a recent 10th Circuit Court of Appeals decision on municipal court jurisdiction over tribal members in Oklahoma.

Supreme Court Justices Rebuff ‘Offended Observer’ Standing

Two U.S. Supreme Court justices criticized a Florida lawsuit brought on “offended observer” standing for an establishment clause challenge.