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Aviation Law Takes Off

Law Week Colorado caught up with an aviation legal expert to find out more about the issues he faces. 

Court Opinions: Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions for July 13

The Colorado Court of Appeals had a busy week releasing numerous opinions on a variety of topics.

Leveraging Media, the Political Process, and the Court of Public Opinion

Varner Faddis Elite Legal, LLC's founding partner Eric Faddis explains the possible benefits of leveraging media, the political process and public opinion in personal injury cases.

Top Verdicts 2022

More than half of the top 10 verdicts in 2022 involve medical malpractice or personal injury, departing from a 2021 trend of business disputes.

Top Verdicts 2021

More than half of the top 10 verdicts involve breach of contract claims and business disputes — we’ve heard that’s likely to continue as a trend.

Colorado Supreme Court Hears Arguments About Interest on Damages

The Colorado Supreme Court heard arguments about how much interest Ford Motor Company must pay a plaintiff who won a $2.9 million verdict.

Court Opinions: Colorado Supreme Court Opinions for Feb. 22

The Colorado Supreme Court abolished res gestae and concluded a bumpy Boulder sidewalk didn't pose an “unreasonable risk” to a pedestrian.

Court Opinions: Colorado Supreme Court Opinions for Dec. 20

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday issued opinions in one civil matter and three criminal cases, including a DUI double jeopardy challenge.