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2022 Legislative Report – A Frenzied End to the Legislative Session Leads into a Chaotic Campaign Season

Brownstein shareholder Sarah Mercer and policy advisor Jia Meeks provide a summary of the Colorado legislative session in this opinion piece.

Court Opinions: Colorado Supreme Court Opinions for Feb. 22

The Colorado Supreme Court abolished res gestae and concluded a bumpy Boulder sidewalk didn't pose an “unreasonable risk” to a pedestrian.

Western ‘Zoom Towns’ Take Aim at Short-Term Rentals

Voters in eight separate Colorado mountain towns recently passed various local option sales taxes and lodging taxes on short-term rentals, the proceeds of which are aimed at addressing housing shortages.

Colorado Supreme Court to Hear Final Arguments of 2021

The Colorado Supreme Court will hear its final arguments of 2021 next week, including cases about securities fraud and online harassment.

Colorado Voters Reject Statewide Ballot Measures

Colorado voters rejected three statewide ballot measures on Tuesday, including a proposed marijuana tax increase to fund educational programs.

Pandemic Brings Unpredictability for Commercial Property Assessments

County assessors in Colorado will send out notices of property valuation by May 1, and real estate attorneys say some commercial property owners might...

Coming Soon: On Your Statewide Ballot

Legislature-Referred Measures Amendment B: Repeal Gallagher Amendment Summary: Repeal the amendment to Colorado’s Constitution that requires tax revenues from residential and commercial properties to make up the...

Defining Residential Land for Property Taxes

In its October arguments, the Colorado Supreme Court took up a group of property tax cases that are key to differentiating residential land from...