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Ireland Stapleton, Brownstein, Moye White Add Attorneys

Ireland Stapleton, Brownstein and Moye White added new attorneys, multiple judicial districts announced vacancies and more.

New Bill Addressing Public Workers’ Rights Recently Signed by Gov. Polis June 6

Senate Bill 23-111 or “Public Employees' Workplace Protection'' was recently signed into law, but not everyone is in favor of the new law.

Colorado Public Defenders Join May Day Rally

Members of Colorado’s public defenders’ union showed up for a May Day rally at the Colorado Capital in support of the labor movement.

Court Opinions: Colorado Supreme Court Opinions for April 10

The Colorado Supreme Court issued rulings in companion cases April 10 connected to the Sixth Amendment.

Supreme Court Adopts Rule on Prosecutors’ Duty to Disclose Defense-Friendly Evidence

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday announced changes to an ethics rule on prosecutors' disclosure of defense-friendly evidence.

Supreme Court to Hear Sixth Amendment Cases Involving Public Defender Swaps

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear two Sixth Amendment cases involving defendants represented by public defenders.