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State Bill Special Report: Energy, Natural Resources & Environment

This special bill report is courtesy of State Bill Colorado, a product of our publisher Circuit Media.

Colorado Attorneys Seal Q3 Renewable and Transitional Energy Investments

Colorado renewable and transitional energy companies secured large investments last quarter with help from local attorneys.

Best Lawyers: Construction — Changing Currents in Construction

Construction may have continued during the pandemic in many places around the world, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t had its share of COVID challenges to contend with. In 2021, construction attorneys are navigating global and local restrictions to help clients achieve success

Supreme Court Closes Term with Environmental Law Cases

The U.S. Supreme Court closed its 2020-2021 oral argument calendar by hearing three environmental disputes

Lawmakers Set Agenda for 2021 Session

The legislative session resumed Feb. 16 with opening day speeches from presaging a session likely to see partisan fights on a range of topics

Advanced Energy Success Depends on Interdisciplinary Team

Advanced energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are at the forefront of Coloradans’ minds. The 2019 legislative session set ambitious climate goals, like reducing...