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IRS won’t tax Colorado’s 2023 TABOR refunds

Coloradans don’t have to worry about paying taxes on their Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights refunds this year. 

Supreme Court to Hear TABOR Challenge to Family Leave Program

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday announced it will take up a lawsuit challenging Colorado's new family and medical leave program.

10th Circuit to Hear TABOR Challenge in May Arguments

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments in May for a case dealing with a constitutional challenge to TABOR

CO Supreme Court Rules on TABOR Repeal Measure

The Colorado Supreme Court again has cleared a path for a ballot measure to repeal the entire Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, the controversial state...

Court Opinions – Sep 30, 2019

Colorado Supreme Court Al Turki v. People In re Al Turki v. People, petitioner Homaidan Al Turki motioned for a reduced sentence of a 2006 conviction...

Court Stops Short of Tax-Versus-Fee Question in TABOR Decision

In another closely watched case that might have clarified the reach of Colorado’s tax laws, the Colorado Supreme Court declined to say whether a...

Will the 2019 Legislative Session Offer Relief to the Gallagher Squeeze?

Many Colorado local governments that are primarily dependent upon property tax revenues continue to be impacted by provisions of a 1982 amendment to the...

Colorado Supreme Court Upholds Aspen’s Bag Charge

The Colorado Supreme Court delivered another opinion where it acts as referee on when a charge levied by a municipality is a fee or...