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Court Opinions: Colorado Supreme Court Rules Stoops Aren’t ‘Dwellings’ Under the ‘Make My Day’ Law

The high court ruled a stoop isn’t considered part of a “dwelling” under Colorado's Make My Day law if it’s uncovered, unsecured and unenclosed.

Court Opinions: Colorado Supreme Court Opinions for May 1

The Colorado Supreme Court made multiple rulings in related cases connected to water law.

Capital Offense Bail, Animal Cruelty Cases to be Heard Before Colorado Supreme Court in May

The Colorado Supreme Court will hear oral arguments May 2 and 4 in six cases including ones connected to bail in a capital offense case and an animal cruelty case.

The Life, Times and Tractor of Colorado Sen. Jack Taylor

State Sen. Jack Taylor served roughly 16 years in the Colorado House and Senate and he was well known for his policy stances.

Colorado Supreme to Hear Oral Argument Connected to 1992 Murder Case

The Colorado Supreme Court will hear three cases during oral arguments Feb. 7, including one connected to a murder case.

Gov. Polis Addresses Club Q Shooting, Housing in State of the State

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis gave his State of State Address Jan. 17 discussing a myriad of issues, including the Club Q shooting and housing.

Preview: Colorado General Assembly Session Begins Jan. 9

As Democrats continue to have a stronghold in the Colorado General Assembly, it’s expected some major legislation could be passed this year in their favor.

Colorado Supreme Court to Review River Access Case

The Colorado Supreme Court has granted a petition for writ of certiorari in a water access case that could be precedent setting.