Colorado Introduces 130 New Laws

The legislative session is officially over. Out of more than 700 bills introduced this session, 130 were signed into law. New laws include one that prohibits openly carrying firearms at voting locations, one that establishes children are able to engage in activities with reasonable independence, one that codifies the right to abortions and reproductive health care and one that establishes Juneteenth as an official state holiday. 

Below are some of the new laws.

HB22-1032 — Jury Postponement For Out-of-state Students

HB22-1037 — Retail And Medical Marijuana Same Location

HB22-1038 — Right To Counsel For Youth

HB22-1041 — Privacy Protections For Protected Persons

HB22-1071 — Damages In Class Actions Consumer Protection Act

HB22-1073 — Funeral Establishment And Crematory Inspection

HB22-1086 — The Vote Without Fear Act

HB22-1090 — Reasonable Independence For Children

HB22-1112 — Workers’ Compensation Injury Notices

HB22-1113 — Appeal Procedures Dependency And Neglect Cases

HB22-1169 — Prohibit Sexual Act Without Consent

HB22-1187 — Office Of Economic Development COVID Relief Program Extension

HB22-1191 — Extending Reproductive Health-care Program Implementation

HB22-1257 — 2022 Criminal And Juvenile Justice Commission Recommendations

HB22-1279 — Reproductive Health Equity Act

SB22-010 — Pretrial Diversion For Person With Behavioral Health

SB22-019 — Access To Suppressed Court Eviction Records

SB22-020 — Court Reporter Administering Oaths Or Affirmations

SB22-024 — Intimidating A Witness Changes

SB22-049 — Victim Rights Act

SB22-103 — Remedy For Improper Guilty Pleas

SB22-105 — Tribal Governments Annual Address To Joint Session

SB22-115 — Clarifying Terms Related To Landowner Liability

SB22-139 — Juneteenth New State Holiday

SB22-157 — Information Sharing For Consumer Protection Investigation

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