Gov. Polis Signs More Than 160 Bills Into Law

This session, state lawmakers introduced more than 670 bills and of those, more than 160 were signed into law. The legislature is currently scheduled to adjourn May 8.

Outside of supplementals and funding requests, legislators came prepared to tackle serious issues this session including expanding access to health care and other medical services, gun control and water consumption. Bills like the recently killed House Bill 23-1206, which would have removed political party affiliations of district attorneys and sheriffs on ballots, didn’t make it to the governor’s desk. Others like HB23-1219, which implements a three-day minimum waiting period to deliver a firearm, were passed into law. 

Also among the heavy hitters passed is a new law that will make it a deceptive trade practice to disseminate or cause dissemination of false advertising related to the provision of abortion or emergency contraceptive services. Also passed this session is a law that will annually raise the hourly rate of attorneys contracted to work with state agencies to provide legal representation. 

Below are some of the laws passed this session.

HB23-1001 — Expanding Assistance For Educator Programs
HB23-1004 — Language Access In Insurance Documents
HB23-1005 — New Energy Improvement Program Changes
HB23-1006 — Employer Notice Of Income Tax Credits
HB23-1007 — Higher Education Crisis And Suicide Prevention
HB23-1009 — Secondary School Student Substance Use
HB23-1011 — Consumer Right To Repair Agricultural Equipment
HB23-1014 — Yield To Larger Vehicles In Roundabouts
HB23-1015 — Taxation Tobacco Products Remote Retail Sellers
HB23-1021 — Embargo And Destroy Marijuana
HB23-1022 — Registration Of Vehicles In Rental Fleets
HB23-1023 — Special District Construction Contracts
HB23-1025 — Charter School Application Timelines
HB23-1030 — Prohibit Direct-hire Fee Health-care Staff Agency
HB23-1031 — Mental Health Professionals Reporting Exemption
HB23-1033 — Alternate Defense Counsel Contracts
HB23-1034 — Measures To Expand Postconviction DNA Testing
HB23-1037 — Department Of Corrections Earned Time For College Program Completion
HB23-1039 — Electric Resource Adequacy Reporting
HB23-1040 — Prader-Willi Syndrome
HB23-1043 — Emergency And Continued Placement With Relative Or Kin
HB23-1045 — Employee Leave For Colorado National Guard Service
HB23-1049 — Enactment Of CRS 2022
HB23-1052 — Mod Prop Tax Exemption For Veterans With Disabilities
HB23-1053 — Veterans’ Cemetery Department Of Public Safety Gifts Grants Donations
HB23-1058 — Child-occupied Facility Lead-based Paint Abatement
HB23-1062 — Metropolitan District Tax For Parks And Recreation
HB23-1064 — Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact
HB23-1071 — Licensed Psychologist Prescriptive Authority
HB23-1072 — Civil Defense Worker Compensation
HB23-1087 — Fiscal Rule Advance Payment Charitable Food Grants
HB23-1089 — Special Education Services For Students In Foster Care
HB23-1093 — Higher Education Staff Sabbaticals
HB23-1094 — Extend Agricultural Workforce Development Program
HB23-1101 — Ozone Season Transit Grant Program Flexibility
HB23-1106 — Fire And Police Pension Association Board’s Noncompounding Authorization
HB23-1111 — Unauthorized Insurance Premium Tax Rate
HB23-1116 — Contracts Between Carriers And Providers
HB23-1117 — Affidavit Support Eligibility Public Benefits
HB23-1121 — Repeal Of Infrequently Used Tax Expenditures
HB23-1123 — Move Over Or Slow Down Stationary Vehicle
HB23-1125 — Modernize Process To Obtain Water Well Information
HB23-1134 — Require Electric Options In Home Warranties
HB23-1137 — Solar Garden Net Metering Credits Stabilization
HB23-1139 — Modification Of Rural Counties Officer Salary Categories
HB23-1140 — Powersports Vehicle Dealer Business Place
HB23-1141 — History Colorado Authority To Sell Property
HB23-1143 — Federal Authorize Firearms For DACA Peace Officers
HB23-1145 — Hearing Timelines Juveniles In Adult Facilities
HB23-1151 — Clarifications To 48-hour Bond Hearing Requirement
HB23-1156 — Public Airport Authority Act Modernization
HB23-1157 — Uniform Unregulated Child Custody Transfer Act
HB23-1167 — Reporting Of Emergency Overdose Events
HB23-1172 — Child Welfare And Juvenile Court Jurisdiction
HB23-1179 — Agricultural Products Inspection Cash Fund Reserve
HB23-1183 — Prior Authorization For Step-therapy Exception
HB23-1185 — Requirements For Recall Elections And Vacancies
HB23-1191 — Prohibit Corporal Punishment Of Children
HB23-1195 — Automated Pharmacy Dispensing System
HB23-1204 — Recovery Residence Discharge Policy
HB23-1219 — Waiting Period To Deliver A Firearm
HJR23-1007 — Water Projects Eligibility Lists
SB23-008 — Youth Involvement Education Standards Review
SB23-010 — Water Resources And Agriculture Review Committee
SB23-015 — Vehicle Value Protection Agreement
SB23-019 — Out-of-state Online Retail Vehicle Purchases
SB23-020 — Timely Certified Death Certificates
SB23-023 — CPR Training In High Schools
SB23-037 — Solicitations Related To Secretary Of State Documents
SB23-040 — Staffing Agency CAPS Checks
SB23-046 — Average Weekly Wage Paid Leave Benefits
SB23-048 — Non-tenured Track Faculty
SB23-050 — Eligibility For Agricultural Future Loan Program
SB23-051 — Conforming Workforce Development Statutes
SB23-052 — Municipal Priority Lien Surviving Treasurer’s Deed
SB23-057 — County Treasurer No Longer Ex Officio District Treasurer
SB23-068 — Operations Of County Public Hospitals
SB23-070 — Mandatory School Resource Officer Training
SB23-073 — Sunset EPIC Advisory Board
SB23-074 — Sunset Modify Human Trafficking Prevention Training
SB23-077 — Restrictions On Broker Engagement Contracts
SB23-078 — Manufacturer Pay Dealer Motor Vehicle Warranty
SB23-083 — Physician Assistant Collaboration Requirements
SB23-084 — Full-time Employment For Higher Education Faculty
SB23-085 — Sunset Continue Sexual Misconduct Advisory Committee
SB23-086 — Student Leaders Institute
SB23-090 — Uniform Commercial Code 2022 Amendments
SB23-095 — Unlawfully Aiming Laser Device At Aircraft
SB23-096 — In-State Tuition Classification Institution Of Higher Education
SB23-100 — Uniform Community Property Disposition At Death Act
SB23-110 — Transparency For Metropolitan Districts
SB23-142 — Information Technology Project Appropriation Process
SB23-146 — Colorado Apprenticeship Directory Information
SB23-150 — Require Labeling Disposable Wipes
SB23-152 — Sunset Continue Custom Processing Meat Animals
SB23-154 — Sunset Continue Veterans One-stop Center
SB23-156 — Sunset Private Letter Ruling And Information Letter
SB23-168 — Gun Violence Victims’ Access To Judicial System
SB23-169 — Increasing Minimum Age To Purchase Firearms
SB23-170 — Extreme Risk Protection Order Petitions
SB23-180 — Restore Current Pay Periods For State Employees
SB23-182 — Temporary Suspension Of Medicaid Requirements
SB23-183 — Local Government Provision Of Communications Services
SB23-185 — Sunset Noxious Weed Advisory Committee
SB23-188 — Protections For Accessing Reproductive Health Care
SB23-189 — Increasing Access To Reproductive Health Care
SB23-190 — Deceptive Trade Practice Pregnancy-related Service
SB23-215 — State Employee Reserve Fund General Fund Transfer
SB23-216 — Colorado Universal Preschool Program Funding
SB23-217 — Separating Fees In Records And Reports Cash Fund
SB23-218 — Repeal School Transformation Grant Program Administration Cap
SB23-219 — Supports To Students And Facility Schools
SB23-221 — Healthy School Meals For All Program Fund
SB23-222 — Medicaid Pharmacy And Outpatient Services Copayment
SB23-223 — Medicaid Provider Rate Review Process
SB23-224 — Colorado Commission Policies Postgraduate Student Exchange Program
SB23-225 — Specialty Education Colorado State University Medical School Partnership
SB23-226 — Extending Transitional Jobs Program
SB23-227 — State Agency Attorney Hourly Rate
SB23-228 — Office Of Administrative Services For Independent Agencies
SB23-229 — Statewide Behavioral Health Court Liaison Office
SB23-230 — County Assistance For 23rd Judicial District
SB23-231 — Amend Fund To Allow Payment Overdue Wage Claims
SB23-232 — Unemployment Insurance Premiums Allocation Federal Law Compliance
SB23-233 — Employment Services Funded By Wagner-Peyser Act
SB23-235 — Department Of Law Funds For Unanticipated State Legal Needs
SB23-239 — Hazardous Site Response Fund Transfer
SB23-240 — Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Dairy Plant Fees
SB23-241 — Creation Of Office Of School Safety
SB23-242 — Community Corrections Financial Audit


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