Legal Lasso: BigLaw Data Breach Unveils Police Drone Program

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Working Fully Remote
While some offices are preparing to return to in-person work, attorney-cyclist Megan Hottman said she plans on keeping her pandemic work style. She’s been working remotely while living the #VanLife.

Colorado Healing Fund Responds to Two Tragedies
The Colorado Healing Fund, which provides financial assistance to victims and victims’ families following mass shootings, has had to be used twice in one month, and the organization has had to figure out how to provide help to victims of both tragedies.

Lawmakers Consider Bill on Harassment of Elected Officials
Lawmakers are moving closer to passing a bill that would give elected officials the same harassment protections that are currently provided to judges.

Eviction Protection Bill Moves Onward
State lawmakers are also considering a bill that would provide more eviction protections for renters — namely stopping landlords from raising rent more than once per year and requiring 21 days’ notice before price hikes.

How Colorado Republicans Voted Regarding Liz Cheney
After Rep. Liz Cheney was removed from her House leadership position, Colorado’s representatives said they split on how they voted. The decision was made via a voice vote, but Lauren Boebert said she voted to remove Cheney, Ken Buck said he voted against removing her, and Doug Lamborn did not say how he voted.



BigLaw Breach Leaks Police Secrets
The Chicago Police Department reportedly started a secret drone program with off-the-books money. That was found out through a Jones Day cybersecurity breach.

Congressional Committee Hears Testimony on Insurrection 
Former Trump administration officials testified for the first time on the Jan. 6 insurrection before a congressional committee yesterday.

Law Firms Hire Remote Associates
As some law firms announce their plans to reopen, as least a few others are making fully remote associate hires, indicating the changes to the work world will be sticking around at least a while longer.

Law Grads See Stable Job Placement 
Law schools aren’t seeing much of a pandemic slowdown in graduate hires. Seventy percent of 2020 graduates had full-time, long-term, jobs that required bar passage, compared to 72% of the 2019 graduates, though some schools lagged behind.

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