Legal Lasso: Coronavirus Pushes City to Drop Short-Term Rental Charges

Legal Lasso

We’re keeping an up-to-date list with the most current status for court closings and event relocations during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Denver Drops Short-Term Rental Charges
Denver has dismissed felony charges against three individuals who had been suspected of violating the city’s short-term rental rules. And the defendants have the coronavirus to thank.

Are a City Council Member’s Personal Emails Public?
Online publication Boulder Beat is asking a judge to decide whether a city council member’s personal emails with nonprofits are public record. The online news organization alleges the emails contain “a demonstrable connection” to government business.

Law Dean Won’t Stay in the Job
CU Law Dean James Anaya won’t be seeking a second term in the job. (Boulder Daily Camera)

10th Circuit Weighs in on Panhandling Restrictions
The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals said an Oklahoma law that restricted panhandlers from traffic medians violates the First Amendment.

No Charges for Police After Suspect’s Death
The 4th Judicial District Attorney said police used reasonable force in using a taser during an altercation that led to the death of a man in their custody.


Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Michael Flynn
A federal appeals court yesterday ruled against Michael Flynn and the Justice Department in their request to see his criminal case dismissed.

Lawyer With Bipolar Disorder Has Complicated Path to the Bar
A federal judge criticized the Kentucky Bar for putting a lawyer with bipolar disorder “through the ringer” in their path to getting licensed in the state.

Judge Says Border Patrol Can’t Screen Asylum Seekers
A federal judge ruled that Customs and Border Patrol agents lack the training to screen asylum-seekers, a task historically done by Citizenship and Immigration Services agents.

Perkins Coie Partner Has Choice Words for Federal Judge
A former Perkins Coie partner was the first federal judge to be confirmed without blue slips from his state’s senators. And now, at least one of his former colleagues has some criticism for a significant decision.

Colorado-Mexico Relations
Gov. Jared Polis and Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade Executive Director Betsy Markey are working on setting up direct trade relations with the Mexican State of Jalisco. (Denver Post)

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